Staff Food Picks – Pt. 1: Grand Blanc

One of the best perks about working in any restaurant is being able to try all the food.  Below are recommendations from our staff at the Grand Blanc location!



“Vegetable Delight with Chicken.  The brown sauce and vegetables is a great combination of flavors.”


“Tamarind Chicken is one of my favorite dishes.  The tamarind sauce is sweet and savory and is a perfect dish for kids.  I would recommend this dish to anyone.  Love, Love, Love!!”


“I love everything!!! But if I had to choose, my absolute favorite is Thai Pepper Steak.  It has the most delicious garlic basil brown sauce…and with brown rice! Yum!”

More Staff Recommendations…

Brenda: “I love the Triple Delight.  It’s a tasty dish with three meats, veggies, and a savory garlic sauce.  Yum!”

Chrissy: “Pineapple Curry with Chicken.  I love the flavor!”

Spencer: “Masa-mun Curry with Fried Tofu…Something about the potatoes and crunchy peanuts – not to mention creamy curry heaven!”

Connor: “Yellow Curry Noodles with Chicken is my favorite dish.  Love the flavor of the yellow curry and how hot it is when a spice is added.”

Lexie: “Cashew Chicken because it offers a savory/sweet taste with popular veggies and a little bit of crunch from the cashews.”

Vince: “Yellow Curry Noodles with Chicken…because of the distinct flavor and a mild spicy kick.  Plus, the chicken and the fried egg mix with the sauce really well.”

Garrett: “Also the Yellow Curry Noodles, but with Beef.  The spicy kick mixed with the fried egg and beef give it a one of a kind taste that’s to die for.”

Kiersten: “Drunken Noodles because of the sauce.  It’s sweeter than most of the other brown sauces, but not too sweet.”

Kyra: “Pineapple Curry with Chicken.  I really enjoy the flavors from the fresh vegetables blended with the mildly spicy curry.  The pineapple mixes well adding a little bit of sweetness.”

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