Dining Room at Bangkok Peppers – Grand Blanc

The dining room at Bangkok Peppers – Grand Blanc restaurant was designed to be warm and inviting as well as functional for both guests and its employees.  It sports a “bar” area to sit which also doubles as a service station for servers, 5 booths which are able to seat up to 6 people, custom made tables with the Bangkok Peppers logo on them, and a curved check out counter often being manned by Susie, Chad, and/or Charna.  Around the restaurant, you will see two new decor pieces (the giant Peppers in the style of the logo and an antique teak wood elephant in a top corner nook) as well as a few pieces brought over from the old restaurant (notably the Lady by the door).

table top

Custom table top with the Bangkok Peppers logo.


Elephants in Thai culture are a symbol of Good Luck.


Thai Angel statue praying.

Thai Lady

The Lady statue brought over from the old Grand Blanc location.

*Interior designed by FUNchitecture, LLC and built by Case Construction

**All photos were taken by Charna Flynn and copyrighted Pixie Light Photography